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Brand OSIM

Brand OSIM is about the experience of total well-being. It is about living an inspiring life. We channel our Brand at each and every customer touch point, communicating our values through our products, our outlet, our brand image, our service excellence and in-depth knowledge of holistic health.

OSIM International Limited is the global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. Listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange, OSIM has over 30 years of experience and uncompromising dedication in developing innovative and reliable healthy lifestyle products. OSIM is the name you can trust for a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being.

Our Vision
The global leader in
healthy lifestyle products.
  Our Mission
Bringing healthy lifestyle
to you.
  Our Philosophy
Challenging your spirit
to do your best.
OSIM Asia No.1

Enhancing your Well-Being is at the heart of everything we do at OSIM. With good health and Well-Being, you can spend more quality time with your loved ones. You can have more energy to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer. You can have more drive to pursue your passion and your dreams, and be more connected to share life's joys.... And because we believe you deserve only the best, we aim to achieve even more.

In an independent survey conducted by international market research company, Synovate, and supported by International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), OSIM came up as the Number 1 Healthy Lifestyle products brand in consumers' minds across Asia.

The research results clearly show the Asian-wide consumer support of OSIM's mission - bringing Well-Being and healthy lifestyle to customers, inspiring to live their life to the fullest.

Consumers everywhere are seeking to improve the quality of their lives, through better overall Well-Being. OSIM delivers its brand promise - that of product innovation, design and quality, performance, and safety standards - in products that promote Well-Being and a healthy lifestyle.

It is clear, that OSIM's mission benefits the modern consumers' lifestyles.

So as we celebrate being Asia's No.1 Healthy Lifestyle Brand, allow us to extend our gratitude and renew our commitment to improving your Well-Being, inspiring a better life for you.

Real People. Real Stories.
I think that each time OSIM introduces a new product, it always has an edge over others. To me, OSIM is a very professional and innovative company.

Mr Raymond Wong, Hong Kong

  Improving my fitness level and shaping up is made easy with the help of innovative fitness products from OSIM. Thank you OSIM!

Ms Jolyn Ng, Singapore
OSIM uYoyo really improved my health. I can now spend more precious time with my family.

Ms Loy Fong, Malaysia
  OSIM is an international brand that my friends and I prefer. Massaging for 15 minutes a day on OSIM uSqueez relaxes me and puts me in a very good mood.

Ms Tang Tian, China
I love OSIM products because of the innovative design. Apart from being well-being products, the look and design blends well with my contemporary home. Every day, I use uSpace to soothe away my stress, iGallop lets us enjoy outdoor sports indoors! uSqueez is helpful after hours of shopping. OSIM products are worthy investments for my whole family's well-being.

Ms Lai Yi-Jie, Taiwan
  Good Quality, Safety and Performance make me choose
OSIM. The uYoyo has brought new definition to my family's health and well-being.

Mr Ji Yong, China

Brand OSIM
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