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The company consistently earned for itself prestigious Singapore awards such as
"The Most Valuable Singapore Brands", "The Strongest Singapore Brands" and
"The Brand with Exceptional Performance". The OSIM brand received this Brand award for the
5th consecutive year in 2006. In 2002 and 2005, OSIM was also selected as one of the "200 Best Under-A-Billion" companies outside the U.S. by Forbes. We have also been recipient of the
reddot design award on more than one occasion.
reddot design award - honourable mention 2008
  The red dot design award is a highly
respected independent international
product design competition.
With a distinguished 56-year history.
This coveted and world-renowned
award is an international seal of
outstanding product design and quality.
OSIM uVenus - the world's 1st Ambient Purifier. The award-winning uVenus cleans, purifies and transforms the ambience around you with its innovative air-purification technology scientifically researched mood light and music programmes.
The combination of scientifically researched mood ligh and music programmes in uVenus help to relax your mind and body while the pure clean air allows for easier, healthier breathing.
OSIM uVenus
OSIM Space uSpace
Inspired by Nature, the OSIM uSpace is your personal coccoon of Well-Being.
A private space of retreat combined with clinically-proven Music, Mood Light, and Massage to deliver a revolutionary trio of multi-sensory stimulation. A true metamorphosis unfolds each time you indulge in the holistic and sensorial pampering of your Well-Being with the OSIM uSpace:
Borne out of a passionate and natural union of scientific studies, innovative technology and cutting edge design, the OSIM uSpace redefines personal Well-Being and promises nothing less than a complete renewal of your body, mind and soul.

  OSIM uScale BF - reddot design award - winner 2007

uScale BF
Get a precise measurement of the fat and water precentage in your body along with your weight.
Using a reliable and scientific method to measure the bio-centric impedance method to determine the body fat percentage, the uScale BF also monitors your body’s water percentage so that you can maintain a healthy and sufficiently hydrated body.

OSIM iLife iLife
OSIM iLife’s Multi-action Tru-air Purification Process removes 99.97% of the harmful particles in the air effectively and emits negative ions to provide clean and safe healthy living.

reddot design award - winner 2005
Brand OSIM
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